Tumblr DMCA Take-down Notice?!

This morning I received a notice from Tumblr regarding copyright infringement. The letter’s tone of voice is unnecessarily condescending and contains phrases such as:

“This is a good opportunity to learn more about US copyright law (never a bad idea)….  Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we are legally required to terminate the accounts of repeat infringes. The notice we received counts as one strike against your account. If you receive three uncontested strikes within 18 months, your account will be terminated.”

The way the letter is worded and structured indicates that you are assumed to be guilty and already have a “strike” against you. It honestly just sounds like a warning to stop what I’m doing and delete everything (which I did) before further action is taken.

Tumblr is a site to share your opinion right? I am disgusted to discover this of a site I’ve always held in higher regards than others.

Well folks, I am starting a self-hosted “Better, Faster, DMCA BULLSHIT FREE?! Korean-Amateur-Pages V2.0 … Now who’s with me?

Please comment?!